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The Three Main Advantages Better ListView has Over the Classic .NET Framework

Dear Readers,
When evaluating an alternative to replace the .NET ListView you might stumble upon the question: what sets the different solutions available apart from each other? Which one meets my demands the best?
Here are the three main reasons we think Better ListView is the ideal solution for you if you are planning to use a professional alternative:

1) The intuitive approach on getting started

The good thing is, you can get started right away. Due to the build-up of processes, as well as the well documented procedures you have almost no learning period. Component Owl keeps its design close to the original .NET ListView so you do not have to get acquainted to a completely new system. But still, the changes made are substantial enough to make your working routine so much easier. Whether its the inbuilt drag & drop, the sub-item images or the multi-column sorting, the processes are meant to make your life easier.

2) The fast and helpful support

As Component Owl has been on the market for quite a while now, it has been further developed and improved countless times, resulting in a detailed and meaningful FAQ which answer to the majority of your questions. In case you cannot find the answer you need, you can rely on our support system which will give you feedback on you request within 24 hours. This allows you to keep the workflow going with almost no interruptions and puts you ahead of the freeware users.

3) The possibility to customize

Just like every developer has his own style of working, Component Owl can be customized to every user needs. The many opportunities to adapt your surface to your favorite design or to arrange the necessary tools the way you need them, allows you to optimize your workflow to perform even better.

These 3 named advantages are just a few of the many that Component Owl offers you. For more infromation just check out our trial version to see for yourself.

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