Better Thumbnail Browser Documentation

Better Thumbnail Browser Features

What this documentation covers; list Better Thumbnail Browser features

Quick Start
Step-by-step tutorial for using Better ListView in your application

Using the Control
Basic usage of Better Thumbnail Browser

Element and element part sizes and padding, multi-line text, image border

Loading Thumbnails
Loading images from a folder on disk or using custom loader class.

Text Formatting
Text alignment and trimming

Features Inherited from Better ListView

Background Image
Image on the control background, setting its layout and opacity

Check Boxes
Enabling two and three state check boxes on items

Working with collections of columns, items, sub-items, groups

Hiding, resizing and reordering column headers

Context Menus
Displaying context menus on the control, column headers, groups and items

Data Binding
Complex binding of custom list-based data to the control

Drag and Drop
Setting-up Drag and Drop functionality and effects

Empty Text
Displaying customized text on empty list

Focusing Elements
How items, sub-items and groups can be focused and how to detect focus changes

Working with item groups

Hit Test
Getting info for cursor position in the control

Insertion Mark
Specifying insertion mark location and apperance

Item Reordering
Changing item order automatically with Drag and Drop

Working with ListView items

Label Editing
Inline editing of items and sub-items

Multi-line Items
Setting up items with multiple lines of text

Owner Drawing
Custom drawing over the control and its parts

Understanding Better ListView performance settings

Saving and Loading ListView Content
Storing and retrieving items and groups in binary or XML format

Searching Items
Item searching by typing or programmatically

Overview of Better ListView serialization capabilities

Sorting Items
Ordering items with multiple columns and custom comparers

Working with sub-items which are attached under items

Displaying customized tooltips on control and its parts

Ways of displaying items, detecting view change